Things I have learned at University [or College for you Americans]

So Its been another long time. Hope you all forgive me.

You: I guess so…

Thank you.

Moving on what I have learned from Uni so far [and keep in mind the first semester hasn’t even ended yet].

1. Books are really expensive.

2. A 24h library is great when you can’t find a book and get lost looking round it.

3. Referencing isn’t as hard as you think.

You: really…

Yeah really its bigger up as this really hard thing which, to be honest, isn’t that hard you just got to get use to it.

4. Shopping is quite a pain

You: We all warned you.

Now come on. I’ve been doing fine. So for those who don’t know or just don’t do there own shopping. Imagine all the stuff you want to buy and, your mum says no to. Now imagine being able to buy all of it, but knowing you probably shouldn’t if you want to eat for the whole week.

5. ¬†Last but not least. Lectures don’t tell you off for falling asleep in class.

You: Really!?

Yeah really but what they do actually do is just keep looking at you and you know that you have made a mistake.

Well I hope this has been entertaining/enlightening for you.

and for those who maybe going to University/ College buy the book Nosh For Students its really good.


Thats all for now



Planning A Trip

So for the last few weeks or so [more likely longer] I have been planning a trip round the Zurich area.


That seems like a nice idea.

And you would be right except fundraising for this trip.

So we thought we had enough money and well as you can guess. We magically don’t.

And I know what you wanna say but the reason behind this is that Switzerland is expensive and I mean really expensive.


Sure it wasn’t your bad planning? And poor budgeting?

Ok now I can accept the poor planning but budgeting isn’t my fault now this is the crux of it we got help with our budgeting from more experienced folk.

Basically the end of this is that I’ve had to put ¬£100 in to the pot as do the others on this trip. I can only see this number going up.

A bit of an annoyance but hey.

That’s all


My travels into Stanford


Been a hell of a long time!

And I’m sorry for that.

So I’m currently heading up to Stanford to see a solicitor.


Why are you seeing one of those??

Well my mum is getting a new house and I have sign stuff.

But that’s boring things I might as well say it’s a pretty boring drive. To add I’m stuck in the back seat.

But you know beggars can’t be choosers. The annoying thing is I don’t even want to move house.


Whys that?

I don’t really have time to explain but I don’t like change if scenery much and I am leaving it there.


Awww Really…

Too bad!


That’s all


My annoying night

Hey so I know another long break.

So I can’t sleep and you know when you try to sleep you start thinking and it’s makes you feel really tired but you can’t sleep.

You: No never had that one

Come on don’t lie you must have.

Anyway this got me thinking

You: You know thinking is dangerous.

I am aware of the danger thank you.

We digress. It got me thinking that maybe I can’t sleep cus my reality is that much better then being asleep. I know crazy talk but hear me out.

I have a girlfriend, I 4/5 conditional offers from universities including University of the West of England and Lincoln. So maybe my dreams can’t get better then this.

You: Or can they…

You are participating a lot ya know.

You: Yup I know

Good. Anyway back to where I was. So even though dreams are made up by your mind and based loosely on the events of the day. So today I did nothing but play Xbox and play guitar. Admittedly I didn’t do much.

But it was nice and I should really be sleeping as I have college tomorrow. This isn’t going well at the moment.

I’m going to try and get some sleep other wise well, I don’t know what I’m going todo.

That’s all


My adventure to Doctor who plus more

Hey guys been ages

So in brief this is what has happened:

2nd year college looking at universities

Uni of the West of England [UWE] looks good as does York and Huddersfield uni

I have got myself a GF she is really lovely, sweet and kind

I have a new guitar an Epiphone Les Paul and I know what the guitarist of you are thinking ‘Epiphone really?’

Epiphone are a good company it has grover tuners and Gibson designed humbuckers ok with mahogany body with a maple cap.

You: Hmmm I’ll have to try one

Please do

Doctor who what a great great film so good but for those who haven’t seen ill keep quiet

And feel free to look up my friends soundcloud I think he’s a cool guy and writes good songs.

Just go on soundcloud and search Harrison Galgut and he should turn up

That’s all


My stupid mouth


So we get told lying is bad and I follow this idea. And I came up with my own idea that not admitting your true feelings is a form of lying and therefore wrong.

You: You are crazy man

That maybe so but you are drunk and in the morning I will still he crazy and you will be sober……

Anyway I digress and I told the girl I really like how I felt in a round about sort of way. I ain’t going into details here, the details are with a select group of people. And well not the first time I’ve done this an wont be the last. But she is lovingly not replying. I just love it when that happens.

You: Don’t look sympathy here you put that on the web

I know it’s just frustrating.

Now I also don’t regret things so I don’t regret telling her how I feel.

And my friends often tell me that everything is gunna work out for me and just from this example I don’t think so.

That’s all


College and RNR


So today was my first day back and well it was great to see all my friends from last year.

And oddly I don’t really miss my holiday. It was kinda too long but oh well that was then.

So I had to cut my first day short with a trip to AFCO [Armed Forces Careers Office] to do a psychometric test. Hopefully it went well but I don’t know yet.

That’s all


Bands and friends

So the other night I played an open mic night. Which went really well and I have started to realise the potential in actually actively seeking out certain feelings to create good songs.

You: Stop being stupid

But hear me out.

I can’t write about any old thing it has to be a powerful emotion in my mind. So certain things are easy to write about and some aren’t. One I cannot write about is love.

I just cannot write a love song I feel like I have sold out. Weird ain’t it.

You: Why the hell is that?

I feel I don’t get any emotion into it. And I don’t know I think love and relationships are sort of private and the pain from the end of it is what most people see and that is what I find easy to write about. [and I realise that could be called a form of love]. But it’s an interesting one none the less.

That’s all


My new song and inspirstion


So I have written a new song. And judging how the others are either rock power ballads or blues tinged pop this one is sort of special. It is a pure blues song. [I feel I may have mentioned this song before oh well]

As it’s written now and I’m going to record I have started thinking.

You: Thinking is dangerous.

I know but hear me out.

I sort of loath those who can just write a song from nothing. I am not lucky enough to have this skill I have to work out what I wanna say in it and how I wanna say it. For example I have a song describing what I remember seeing of a house I use to visit.

But this song is different it is a pure blues progression. In fact it’s a quick change blues progression.

You: Whatever get to the point!

My point is what if writing a song isn’t about putting lyrics and music together like some people can do. Maybe it should go back to meaning something. For example this latest song has the lines

“I should have seen the net, But I had to take the bet, Now I’m hooked, lined, sunked and……”

It actually means something. Who knows maybe I’m just crazy I mean my friends like the song so it can’t be that bad.

That’s all